Equity for all disabled children in Quebec

Together, let’s end the injustice experienced by the parents of Quebec’s 36,000 children with disabilities by supporting the natural families who want to keep their children at home. Support our campaign for financial equity for all natural and foster families that are home to children with disabilities. Read on to find out what makes this campaign important.

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A report by accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton found that foster families receive an average of 70% more financial support than natural families (parents).

We want to highlight the financial insecurity that persists for thousands of natural families who want to keep a child with disabilities at home.

Support the “Equity for All Children with Disabilities” Campaign so that all of these children can benefit from the same services, regardless of what type of “family” they live in.

Foster families who care for a child with disabilities receive different amounts of money based on the child’s limitations, which are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 6.

For parents, on the other hand, the supplement for handicapped children with exceptional care needs (SEHNSE) is highly restrictive. It’s all or nothing: there’s no mid-range provision based on the level of disability.

As a result, more than 50% of natural families have their applications turned down because their child “is not disabled enough.” That means that only 1,634 of the 36,000 children with disabilities in Quebec qualify for SEHNSE.

It is high time to put an end to this injustice and ensure equitable treatment for all parents who wish to keep a child with disabilities at home.

Click here to find Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton's full study (available in French only).

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